Welcome to Monterey Cinemas

We are a state of the art cinema located in the heart of historical Howick village.  We boast five upmarket and intimate cinemas housed under one roof with a café. We offer elegant and comfortable seating with small tables, so you can enjoy your drink while watching your film.  Our latest technology digital projectors provide outstanding audio and visual cinematic experience.

Web Bookings

Please be patient with the online booking system. If you go into a booking and it cancels, times out or exits for some reason the seats you had booked will still be held for 10-20 minutes. If you are trying to book and it seems to be that there are seats available but you can't click on them this is possibly because of multiple people booking and errors occuring. The staff on site are unable to over ride any bookings that haven't gone through via the web booking process. Please try again in 5 or so minutes. 


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